Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Importance of First Page Ranking

With new technologies come new opportunities. Potential customers are engaged on the internet from the palm of their hand. Requests are made by users to find answers, products, services, interests, etc. on search platforms. Therefore it is essential for any business to have a web-presence with a front row position to promote products and/or services.


SEO_DiagramSearch Engine Optimization

abbreviated SEO, is a website’s or a webpage’s visibility on a search platform such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. These platforms have specific, always evolving algorithms in place that scrutinize websites and webpages for their relevance to rank in searches.

According to eBiz | MBA, published February 1st, 2016, Google ranks by far as the most used search engine with an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique searches in one month, followed by Bing with 350,000,000, and Yahoo! with 3,000,000.

Ask yourself:     

Where would you be looking on the internet to find products, services, or interests? Search engines?

How many times do you look further then the first page? Rarely?


There are two ways for a website to rank on the first page:

  • Paid advertisements, such as adwords, that appear on the prime places like the top and right side of the first searched page is an option. It comes with a price tag. You have to bid for the best spot on the lot.
  • The organic, or natural search results can be found just below the paid ads. These places can only be achieved when your websites’ relevance can be evaluated by a search engine. These are the places we are going after.


How do we achieve the best rankings?

  • Through organic search results: …Your website will be optimized to fit in a search engines’ criteria.
  • Through more traffic: …By implementing a website’s better ranking through optimization, your site gains trust from a search engine and concludes importance of your website.
  • Through social media: …To connect with your customer base and also attract more people that are interested in your products or services. It is essential to stay in touch with quality information, news about your company, and promotions or specials directly to interested customers.

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